Our Specifications

We provide a range of three specifications to help you choose a finish level appropriate for your home and budget. It is important to note that we do not limit you to mixing and matching between the specifications or choosing your own distinct specification for your home. We provide complete flexibility in the final finishes and selections of your home.

Standard Specification

comfort specification custom home

Our Standard Specification provides you with a quality and stylish suite of finishes and inclusions for your home.

Comfort Specification

standard specification custom home

Our Comfort Specification provides you with a rendered front elevation and access to a superior range of products including sinks, basins, plumbing fixtures, cornices and other interior options.                 

Deluxe Specification

deluxe specification custom home

Our Deluxe Specification takes your home to the next level, providing full rendering to the exterior of your home and access to our deluxe range of designer finishes and inclusions for your home.